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Colourful celebration in Sydney to mark 8th year of settlement

Association of Bhutanese in Australia (ABA) Sydney celebrated their 8th annual day on the evening of 9th October 2016, with the theme ‘Collaboration and Partnership’. The evening was filled with immeasurable joy and bonding between people from different age groups.

Fundraising dinner by the ABA youth

The Youth team from Association of Bhutanese in Australia (ABA) Sydney organised the second fundraising dinner on 20 August 2016. Like last year, the event was organized to raise fund for the education of those children who have lost their parents and were orphaned by the disastrous earthquake that took place in Nepal last year.

ABA Annual Sports 2016

And so it was, after a year of frantic studying or tireless work, the Bhutanese community gathered together in unity for the annual sports day celebrations. The sun was out, along with sunscreen and smiles, upon the diverse individuals from the community, young and old, all eager to participate in the fun.

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